Looking for an EMDR Therapist? For several years therapists in our region have been using the Western Massachusetts EMDRIA Regional Network's "Directory of EMDR Trained Clinicians," as a resource for referrals.

The Western Mass. EMDRIA Regional Steering Committee has now made this resource available to the public via this website. One of the many special features of this Directory is that it lists therapists according to the insurances they accept. Since not all therapists accept the same insurances, this feature can shorten your search. We invite you to use the Directory to locate an EMDR therapist for yourself or for another person. But first…

A Few Words about the Names in this Directory

It is possible that you will find an excellent EMDR therapist in any of the names appearing in the Directory. However, the Western Mass. EMDRIA Regional Steering Committee does not assure or in any way assume responsibility for quality of professional services provided by any therapist listed in this Directory of EMDR Trained Clinicians. All therapists in the Directory are licensed to provide psychotherapy. And all clinicians here appearing attest to having completed Parts 1 & 2 of the basic EMDR training as approved by the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA). All trained EMDR therapists are strongly encouraged to seek consultation beyond their basic training, and many do so. A number of these clinicians have gone on to become certified by EMDRIA; some have become EMDRIA-approved consultants, EMDR Institute training facilitators, and/or EMDRIA-approved trainers. Each additional step in this progression indicates further study, experience, training, and supervised practice.

Choosing a Good EMDR Therapist for You

The Western Mass. EMDRIA Regional Steering Committee recommends the following steps in choosing a good therapist:

1) Ask for time to interview a prospective clinician - by phone or in person.

2) Ask about the therapist’s experience with EMDR.

3) Ask about their experience treating the type of situation you would bring to therapy.

4) Choose a therapist who is experienced with EMDR and who has a good success rate.

5) Be sure the therapist is comfortable in treating your particular problem.

6) It is important that you feel a sense of trust and rapport with a therapist.

Having Read All of the above, do download the directory, click here

Relevant Articles

"Innovative Therapy helps people move beyond the disturbing effects of trauma." The Amherst Bulletin, in its June 15, 2007, issue, published an excellent, well-researched article on EMDR, highlighting several local therapists and comments by three clients who have benefitted from EMDR. To read this article, go to www.amherstbulletin.com. Click on the first weblink, Amherst Bulletin. Type in Innovative Therapy and hit the search button just under the masthead. Learn a lot of very clear information in this article by Bonnie Wells, the Health Editor for the Amherst Bulletin and the Hampshire Gazette.