How to join the Western Mass EMDRIA Listserve…

If you have already joined the Western Mass EMDRIA GoogleGroup, congratulations! You have successfully moved with us into the 21st Century!

If you are not currently a subscriber, here’s what to do:

Click Here to go to the online subscriber homepage or go to and search for Western Mass EMDRIA. Follow the directions there to start the subscription process and become a member.

You do not need to use gmail for your e-mail in order to join our Googlegroup. This is a free subscription.

Once you subscribe and become a member of the Western Mass EMDRIA group, you can read and post messages on the listserve. To post a message, just copy this address into your regular e-mail address book or contacts list:

[email protected]

Then you can use this e-mail address to send messages that will post on the listserve.


The Western Mass EMDRIA Listserve is moderated by George Abbott, PhD. [email protected]