Archives of Prior Conferences
(years 2009-present at UMass, years 2005-2008 at Smith College)


15th Annual, March 30, 2019, State of the Art EMDR
Morning Keynote: Joanne H. Twombly MSW,  LICSW “Overt and Covert Perpetrator Ego States: Implication for the Practice of EMDR Treatment”
Morning Workshops:
1. “Case Consultation on Overt and Covert Ego States”- Joanne Twombly, LICSW
2.  “Let’s Talk About Sex: Bringing Sexual Health into Your EMDR Practice”- Stephanie Baird, LMHC
3. “Gender-Affirming EMDR with Transgender and Gender Non- Conforming Clients”-Michelle Marchese, LICSW
4. “Treating Nightmares with an EMDR Protocol”- Ted Olejnick, LICSW, LADC-1    
Afternoon Workshops:
5. “Strategic Integration of Art Therapy for the Treatment of Complex Trauma”- Elizabeth Davis, MFA, MS, ATR-BC, LCAT
6. “Trauma Therapy Innovations: Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy & The Flash Technique”- Ricky Greenwald, PsyD
7. “Fighting the Bad Guys Before You Were Born: Using EMDR for Transgenerational and Structural Trauma” - Danielle Lehnard, LCSW and Amber Zinni, LCSW
8. “When Everything Goes Wrong, And What We Learn From It”- Jason Rose Langston, LICSW
14th Annual, April 7, 2018, State of the Art EMDR

Morning Keynote: Keynote was focus on results and discussion of her most recent treatment outcome study of the functional neuroanatomy of EMDR Therapy.- Ruth Lanius, MD, PhD

Morning Workshops:
1. “Intensive Trauma-Focused Therapy” – Ricky Greenwald, PsyD
2. “When There are No Words Yet: Using EMDR to Heal Preverbal Trauma,” -– Jason Rose-Langston, LMHC
3. “Self Compassion as a Key to Healing Trauma” -– Nancy Simons, LMHC
4. “A User’s Guide to the Feeling State Addiction Protocol” – Ross Hackerson, LMFT

Afternoon workshops:
5. “A Review of the Basic EMDR Model, Mechanisms and Procedures” – George Abbott, PhD
6. “Resonant Cognitive Interweaves: From the Gestalt Empty Chair to the Healing Power of Music & Lyrics” – Don DeGraffenried, LICSW
7. “EMDR and Ego States Therapy for Treatment of Suicidal Ideation and Self-Injury“ – Anna Kogan, LICSW
8. “The I-Gaze Interweave for Attachment Repair in EMDR Therapy” – Barry Litt, MFT
9.“EMDR Toolbox for Medical Conditions” – Amanda Roberts, PhD, MA

13th Annual, April 8, 2017, State of the Art EMDR

Morning Keynote: “Recovering Community – Helping Complex Trauma Survivors Find Their Way Home” - Hope Payson, LCSW, LADC (webstreamed)

Morning Workshops:
1. "Using the EMDR Recent Event Protocol with Homicide Survivors & Victims of Other Violent Crimes" - Donald F. deGraffenried, LCSW
2.“EMDR and the Mapping Protocol with Hispanic Immigrants and other Populations with a History of Relocation” - Carmen Jimenez, Ed.D., LCSW (webstreamed)
3. “Healing from Toxic Relationships: Integrating EMDR with Family Systems Approaches” -Nancy Knudsen, M.Ed., LMFT

Afternoon workshops:
4. “Tactical Integration in the Conference Room: A Safe and Efficient Path to Healing Structural Dissociation with EMDR” - George Abbott, PhD(webstreamed)
5. “Vicarious Trauma, Burnout, and the EMDR Therapist: Taking Care of Ourselves” -Stephanie Baird, LMHC & Jason Rose-Langston, LICSW    
6. “Treating Early Attachment Wounding: Somatic Interventions to Enhance EMDR Effectiveness”- Lana Epstein, LICSW
7a. "Fostering Resilience as an Aid to the EMDR Process” - Patricia Thatcher, LICSW
7b. “EMDR Therapy from Trauma to Spiritual Awakening: A Mindful Approach” - Irene R. Siegel, Ph.D., LCSW

12th Annual, April 9, 2016 State of the Art EMDR

Morning Keynote: "The Art of EMDR Therapy" - Roger Solomon, PhD
Morning Workshops:
1. "Practicum in 'The Resonant Dance with BLS'"-Roger Solomon, PhD
2. "Fundamentals of the Standard Protocol: An Update on the AIP Model and a Refresher Course on Standard EMDR Procedures" (Part 1)-George Abbott, PhD
3. "Integrating Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and EMDR with Suicidal and Self-Injuring Clients"-David Arbeitman, PhD, Ross Goodwin-Brown, LICSW, Gary Loomis, LMHC
Afternoon Workshops:
4. "Utilization of EMDR Therapy with Grief and Mourning"–Roger Solomon, PhD
5a. "Healing Culturally-Based Trauma with EMDR Therapy"–Mark Nickerson, LICSW
5b. "Fundamentals of the Standard Protocol" (Part 2)–George Abbott, PhD
6a. "Limiting Beliefs, Worldview, and Using the Miller Pain/Terror Technique"–Ross Hackerson, MFT
6b. "The Art of Interweaves" –Jason Rose-Langston, LICSW

11th Annual, March 28, 2015 State of the Art EMDR: The Body/Mind Connection

Morning Keynote: "Somatoform Symptoms and Disorders from the Perspective of the AIP Model"– George Abbott, PhD
Morning Workshops:
1. "Using Sudden Onset Symptoms to Guide Safe Closure of
the Conference Room: A Safety Checklist"–George Abbott, PhD
2. "The Embodied Self in EMDR Therapy"–Barry Litt, LMFT
Afternoon Workshops:
3. "When Less is More: Restricted Processing in the Treatment of Complex Traumatization"–Denise Gelinas, PhD
4. ""Is the Feeling State Addiction Protocol Too Good to be True?: Part Deux"–Mark Karpel, PhD
6 "Treating Chronic Pain with EMDR Therapy"–Ted Olejnik, MSW
7. "Spiritual Resources & EMDR Therapy"–Jeanne Folks, M. Div, D. Min, LPC
8. "Treating Sleep Disorders & Nightmares with EMDR Therapy"–Ted Olejnik, MSW
9. "The Art of Self-Care: Using Qio Gong Techniques for EMDR Resource Development"–Jason Rose-Langston, LICSW

10th Annual, May 3, 2014 State of the Art EMDR 2014: Protocol and Practice

Morning Plenary Session: "EMDR Protocols and EMDR Practice: A Clinician's Journey Towards Mastery"- Marilyn Luber, PhD
Afternoon Workshops
1. "Fundamentals of the Standard Protocol: An Update on the AIP Model and a Refresher Course on Standard EMDR Procedures"-George Abbott, PhD
2. "From Relational Problems to Psychological Solutions: EMDR in Couples Therapy"-Barry Litt, LMFT
3. "Integrating EMDR and Internal Family Systems Therapy"-Joanne Twombly, LICSW
4. "The Cycle Model Protocol for Treating Problem Behaviors"-Mark Nickerson, LICSW
5. "Handy Tools for Kids and Teens"-Frankie Klaff, PhD
6. "Transforming Critical Incidents with the EMDR Group Treatment Protocol"-Patricia Thatcher, LICSW
7. "Is the Feeling State Addiction Protocol Too Good to be True?"-Mark Karpel, PhD
8. "The Compassion Container: A Protocol for Facilitating Healing"-Nancy Simons, LMHC

9th Annual, May 4, 2013 State of the Art EMDR 2013: Enhancing Clinical Practice

Morning Plenary Session: "'Smoke and Mirrors': Procedures for Managing Dissociative Impediments During EMDR Processing Phases"-Denise Gelinas, PhD
Afternoon Workshops
1. "Tactical Integration in the Conference Room: A Safer, More Efficient Path to Healing Structural Dissociation of the Personality with EMDR"-George Abbott, PhD
2. "Fraser's Dissociative Table: When and How to Use it to Identify and Heal Emotional Parts of the Personality"-Kathleen Martin, LCSW
3. "EMDR and the Treatment of Adolescents: A Study in 3 Acts"-Jason Rose-Langston, LICSW
4. "Utilizing Mind/Body Resources with EMDR in the Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociation"-Patricia Thatcher, LICSW
5. "EMDR with Children ages 3-12, a Developmental and Attachment Perspective"-Cheryl Case, LICSW
6. "Implementing the Feeling-State Addiction Protocol for Behavioral and Substance Addictions"-Mark Nickerson, LICSW

8th Annual, May 5, 2012 EMDR & Relational Trauma: Healing Disrupted Attachment and Development

Morning Plenary Session: "Healing the Wounds of Attachment and Rebuilding Self"-Deany Laliotis, LICSW
Afternoon Workshops
1. "Integrating EMDR into a Long Term Psychodynamic Treatment Model"-Gina Colelli, LCSW
2. "Attachment at the Societal Level: Reprocessing Internalized Stigma and Oppression"-Diane DesPlantes, LCSW and Mark Nickerson, LICSW
3. "Keeping it in the Zone: Assessment and Techniques for Optimal Processing"-Barry Litt, LMFT
4. "Attachment Pathology from the AIP Perspective"-George Abbott, PhD
5. "The Use of Cognitive Interweaves in EMDR Treatment: A Review"-Nancy Abel, LCSW, LADC and John O'Brian, PhD
6. "Healing Young Hearts with EMDR: Working with Children"-Megan Kirby, PsyD and Kenneth Frohock, LMHC
7. "Physiological Psychotherapy: Integrating Heart Rate Variability into EMDR"-D. Eric Chamberlin, MD
8. "When There Are No Words: Effectively Treating Pre-Verbal Trauma and Neglect"-
Wendy Ball, LMHC and Farnsworth Lobenstine LICSW
9. "Legacy Informed EMDR: Accessing & Desensitizing Transgenerational & Cultural Sources"-Natalie Robinson LICSW

7th Annual, April 2, 2011 State of the Art EMDR Tools and Strategies

Morning Plenary Session: "Tools of the Trade for EMDR Clinicians"-Roy Kiessling, LISW, ACSW
Afternoon Workshops
1. "Belief-Focused EMDR"-Roy Kiessling, LISW, ACSW
2. "Update and Review of AIP Concepts and EMDR"-George Abbott, PhD
3A. "An Intervention to Enhance Secure Attachment Status"-Ricky Greenwald, PsyD
4A. "EMDR in Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder"-Diana Greywolf, Ph.
5A. "The Use of Consecutive Day EMDR: Case Study and Discussion"-Nancy Abel, LCSW, LADC
3B. "Recent Trauma Processing"-Mark Nickerson, LICSW
4B. "When You Need the Help of Ego States"-Farnsworth Lobenstine, LICSW
5B. "Adjunctive EMDR: A Model for Brief Collaborative Treatment"-Suzanne Borstein, Ph.D.

6th Annual, April 17, 2010 EMDR and Problem Behaviors

Morning Plenary Session: "EMDR and the Treatment of Problem Behaviors"-Mark Nickerson, LICSW
Afternoon Workshops
1. "EMDR and the Stages of Change: Working with Addictions"-Nancy Abel, MSW and John O'Brien, PhD
2. "Integrating Treatment of Eating Disorders with EMDR"-Janie Scholom, RN, MSW
3A. "EMDR and Couples Therapy"-Barry Litt, MFT
3B. "EMDR and Self-Mutilation"-Karen Rowe, LICSW
3C. "EMDR in the Treatment of Chemical Dependency"-Hope Payson, LCSW
4A. "Marital Therapy for Treatment of Sexual Addiction"-Barbara Nadel, MSW, PhD
4B. "EMDR Applications in Dismantling Prejudice and Internalized Oppression"- Mark Nickerson, LICSW
4C. "Addressing Problem Behaviors in Children"-Cheryl Case, LICSW and Nancy Simons, LMHC

5th Annual, April 18, 2009 EMDR and the Body

Morning Plenary Session: "Minding the Body: Somatic Interventions for Enhancing EMDR Effectiveness"-Janina Fisher, PhD
Afternoon Workshops
1. "The Body and Attachment: Sensorimotor Interventions to Enhance Effectiveness in the Treatment of Developmental Injuries"-Lana Epstein, MEd, MSW
2. "The Case of Mistaken Identity: EMDR and Ego State Therapy in the Treatment of Eating Disorders"-Andrew Seubert, MA
3. The Enhanced Safe Place: A Practitioners Guide to Using Multi Sensory Imaging to Strengthen the Safe Place"-Donald DeGraffenreid, LICSW and Robert Page, LCSW, BCD
4A. "Integrating Energy Psychology into your EMDR Practice"-Farnsworth Lobenstine, LICSW
4B. "EMDR and Somatic Experiencing: A Body Expansive Integration"-Barbara Nadel, MSW, PhD
4C. "Somatic Processing in EMDR: Lessons from Eastern Psychology"-George Abbott, PhD and Melissa Tefft, LICSW
5A. "EMDR and the Brain: The Importance of Body Sensation"-Earl Grey, PhD
5B. "Listening to the Body: Enhancing Body Awareness in EMDR Reprocessing"- Mark Nickerson, LICSW
5C. "Integrating Yogic Postures, Breathing Techniques and Deep Relaxation with EMDR Practice"-Joann Lutz, LICSW

4th Annual, April 5, 2008 EMDR and The Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociation

Morning Plenary Session: "EMDR and the Treatment of Complex PTSD and Dissociation"-Deborah Korn, PsyD
Afternoon Workshops
1. "Complex PTSD and EMDR: Treating the Dissociative Elements"-Denise Gelinas, PhD
2. "Incorporating EMDR and EMDR Adaptations into the Treatment of Dissociative Disorders"-Joanne Twombly, LICSW
3A. "Safely Applying EMDR to Trauma Processing with Dissociative Clients"-Marsha Heiman, PhD
3B. "Practical EMDR for Children with Complex Trauma"-Frankie Klaff, Ph.D.
4A. "Managing the Family System During Individual EMDR Treatment of Complex Trauma"-Nancy Knudsen, MEd, LMFT
4B. "Advanced Techniques in the Use of EMDR to Treat Complex Trauma"-Barry Litt, MFT

3rd Annual, March 24, 2007 EMDR and Mindfulness

Morning Plenary Session: "The Miracle of Mindfulness/The Miracle of EMDR"-George Abbott, PhD
Morning Workshops
1A. "The Practice of Mindfulness"-George Abbott, PhD and Melissa Tefft, LICSW
1B. "Oasis in the Overwhelm: 60 Second Mindfulness Strategies"-Millie Grenough, CRS, LCSW, BCD
1C. "Performance Enhancement Strategies: EMDR and Mindfulness"-D. Patrick McGuinness, MA, LCMHC
1D "Effective Interventions for Complex Trauma: A Mindfulness Approach Using EMDR and Internal Family Systems Therapy"-Phyllis Craig, PhD
Afternoon Skit
"Brain Processing and EMDR"- A skit performed by group of EMDR therapists/actors
Afternoon Workshops
2A. "EMDR and Mindfulness: The Perfect Marriage"-Melissa Tefft, LICSW
2B. "If the Buddha Practiced EMDR: Reflections on the Synergy of Ideas"-Barry Litt, MFT
2C. "Understanding how Dialetical Behavioral Therapy Can Enhance EMDR Treatment"-Nora Padykula, LICSW
2D. "Mindfulness, EMDR and Wounded Identity"-Robin Moulds, MEd and Suzanne Scheker, EdD
2E. "Children and Fidgety Folks: Journey to the Land of Mindfulness (Are we there yet?)-Frankie Klaff, PhD

2nd Annual, April 8, 2006 EMDR and Family Related Trauma

Morning Plenary Session: "Trauma and the Family System"-Nancy Kudsen, MEd, LMFT
Morning Workshops
1A. "EMDR and Cancer"-Pauline Scanlon, LICSW
2A. "Kitchur's Family Genogram Method of Target Identification for EMDR"-George Abbott, PhD
3A. "The Pseudo-self and the Development of a Solid Self: Bowen Theory and EMDR, Part 1"-Laurie Lasiter, PhD, LICSW and Julie Feeney LICSW
4A. "The Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma: Ego Fragmentation and EMDR, Part I"-Barry Litt, MFT
Afternoon Plenary Session
"EMDR: targeting the Repetition Compulsion in Couples Therapy"-Mark Karpel, PhD
Afternoon Workshops
1B. "Integrating Individual and System Interventions in Trauma Treatment"-Ricky Greenwald, PsyD
2B. "Family Loyalty Based Blocks to EMDR Processing: Recognitions and EMDR Interventions to Manage Them Denise"-Gelinas, PhD
3B. "The Pseudo-Self and the Development of a Solid Self: Bowen Theory and EMDR, Part II"- Laurie Lasiter, PhD, LICSW, Julie Feeney LICSW, and Nancy Knudsen, M.Ed., LMFT

1st Annual, March 26, 2005

Full Day Event: "Working with Afghani and Iraqi War Veterans and Their Families: An EMDR Training"-Susan Rogers, Ph.D.